More California Jobs Moving to…Canada?

My guess is that the people at Sony Imageworks got tired of the lousy weather in Culver City, and Vancouver seemed like a logical choice. Or not.

In a further blow to Southern California’s visual-effects industry, Sony Pictures Imageworks is moving its Los Angeles-area headquarters to Vancouver, Canada.


Sony is expected to keep a small staff in its Culver City facility, which employs about 270 workers.

The move will allow the company to cut costs by capitalizing on generous tax breaks that aren’t available in California.

The entertainment industry has been doing this by stealth for some time. California won’t compete with everyone else who will gladly take the business, so the companies give the executives offices in Los Angeles and move the rest of the operation to somewhere that is more friendly to their interests. Apparently, Vancouver is now on that list.

Hollywood is obsolete. The only people who go there anymore are gullible tourists who are willing to pay some grubby guy with a modified pickup in order to get a ride past Lucille Ball’s old house. There’s enough money and technology in the industry that they simply fly the talent out to Romania, hire a local crew and fly the talent back. The one thing that California could do at this point is take advantage of people’s natural inertia and use the time to give the entertainment industry incentives to stay.

Yeah, not gonna happen.




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