Rule 5 Linkfest with Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato SunshineThe office closed early on Friday for Labor Day and I have a three day weekend. That’s called living the dream. The only thing that would improve the situation is if my job description included driving a golf cart. This week Blackmailers Don’t Shoot brings a standalone Demi Lovato post, because Selena Gomez had her own post and she’s been ruined with sustained Bieber cooties. And Demi is cute, in both her curvy and thin incarnations.

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Everyone have a great holiday weekend, and if you’re drinking find a driver.

Just Asking Some Questions About Daniel Ashley Pierce

Someone I know posted this story to Facebook and I ignored it, because I’ve been trying to avoid clickbait lately. Now that all of the usual suspects have uncritically run with the story, though, it’s worth examining in a bit more depth. Here’s a synopsis of the latest viral silliness.

Earlier this week, a heartbreaking video went viral of a young man being subjected to an “intervention” from his family who disapproved of him being gay, which ended in them calling him a “disgrace” and a “damn queer” assaulting him and ultimately disowning him–because they don’t want anyone thinking they condone his “lifestyle.”


Since then, the boy has been revealed to be 20 year-old college student Daniel Ashley Pierce, and his boyfriend–who originally posted the video on Reddit–created a GoFundMe page with a goal of $2000 to help Daniel with living expenses during this time. So far, he has raised over $58,000, with over 2,000 people donating to the cause.

Click the link if you want to see the video. After you watch it, here are a few thoughts to ponder:

1. This picture was posted to Facebook on March 29.

Daniel Ashley PierceDoes the guy on the right (that would be Daniel Ashley Pierce) look like he hasn’t been out of the closet for a while?

2. Why was the incident taped? Unless Daniel Ashley Pierce was expecting this intervention to blow up, why catch the thing on camera?

3. Related: Does this story sound at all familiar? Even if what transpired in the video actually happened as presented, did the two men know that this would be a crowd-funding opportunity?

4. Hmmm…

Daniel Ashley Pierce FacebookThis sounds a lot like a business decision. Perhaps Mr. Pierce is a remarkably composed man, but remember that this incident allegedly happened three days ago. It seems very early to be jockeying for public figure status.

Social Justice Warriors are gullible. Stories like this seem to go viral every week, and by the time that they’re proven fake the donations have come in and a lot of well-meaning ninnies look like fools. Like I said, this story may be completely legit, but if I was a gambler I’d put good money down that we’re not seeing at least 50% of what actually happened.

As a famous statesman once said, “Fool me once, shame on you…Fool me twice…Won’t get fooled again.”

(h/t Donald Douglas)

Update: Daniel Ashley Pierce’s Gofundme page has raised over $93,000 as of 8:45 Pacific Time. The guy is crying all the way to the bank.

Rule 5 Linkfest with Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba BedThe new 9 to 5 has taken most of my time and all of my energy this week, so blogging has been nonexistent. It doesn’t seem to have mattered, though, because Katy Perry is driving a lot of search engine traffic to Blackmailers Don’t Shoot, especially from France and Germany for some reason. This week we bring you Jessica Alba, because she’s in the new Sin City movie and apparently said movie tanked at the box office this weekend.*

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*That and I didn’t feel like doing another Eva Green post.

Make your experience complete by watching Sid Vicious sing “My Way.”

Rule 5 Linkfest with Katy Perry

Katy Perry UnderwearI’m starting a new 9 to 5 on Monday, so this week has been eaten up preparing for an end to my status as a man of leisure. Enjoy Katy Perry and click links.

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Katy Perry BikiniIgnore the lack of content in this post. I have links and Katy Perry.

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Katy Perry ToplessStupid SEO tricks: someone will find this blog by searching for topless pictures of Katy Perry. For a while I had an insane number of French and German people who came here looking for Jennifer Lawrence. A girl in England thought I was a conspiracy nutter because of the post about Jennifer Lawrence dating Bigfoot. True story.

A View from the Beach: Pismo-SLO Pic Dump – some Rule 5 mixed in with pics of San Luis Obispo.

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PostalDog: Jessica Alba Promotes New Movie in Best Way Possible – Congratulate Postaldog on his new R rating.

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Los Angeles Is Officially a Third World City

Low voter turnout is one of the only good trends in L.A., but now the City Council wants to go and ruin that by bribing low information idiots to vote.

With fewer than a fourth of voters showing up for recent local elections, the city’s Ethics Commission voted unanimously Thursday to recommend that the City Council consider a cash-prize drawing as an incentive to vote.

Commission President Nathan Hochman suggests the prizes could be $25,000 or $50,000, saying a pilot program should be used first to find out the number and size of prizes that would bump up turnout. [Emphasis added]

Democrats are unlikely to lose their stranglehold on the city any time soon, but this pretty much guarantees that every illiterate victim of the public school system will line up to vote for tax increases, regulations on industry and raises for SEIU in perpetuity. This will also no doubt be a boon to area liquor stores, where the lucky contestants will spend all of their money on beer and lottery tickets.

Anyone else looking at Texas right now?

Rule 5 Roundup with Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea MirrorThis week was almost the first time that Blackmailers Don’t Shoot missed a Rule 5 post in over a year of existence. This week we bring you singer Iggy Azalea, with the added bonus that we won’t link her music. 

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Iggy Azalea WorkIggy Azalea sings the song “Fancy,” which you’ve probably heard if you watch TV and don’t mute the commercials. I can’t remember what it sounds like, but it’s about her being fancy.

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Proof Positive: Danielle Knudsen

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Woodsterman: Flying

Soylent Green: CockTail Hour

Iggy Azalea BootyOkay, I’ll be honest. I had no idea how to theme this post so I opened up Mandatory. They have a post on the women of Lollapalooza (yeah, that’s still happening) and Iggy Azalea was the first one. That and she’s kinda cute.

A View from the Beach: Lana Del Rey – Enough to Sing a Gay Girl Straight

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Who’s Being Naive, Kay?

Kerry HamasI’m not a particularly religious person, but I think it’s always good to have a Bible or two around the house. There are two reasons for this. First, a person cannot claim to have knowledge of Western civilization without having at least a working knowledge of the Bible. Second, if the caliphate ever comes to America, I can at least pretend to be a “person of the book” and hopefully get away with paying the jizya.

The day that the Islamic State in California knocks on my door, I’ll point to the King James on the bookshelf, and then I will rat out the professor who posted the above to Facebook. “Hey Ahmed, I know I’m a dirty infidel, but this heathen thinks that Islam is compatible with contemporary feminism. Not only that, she thinks that women should teach at universities. And if you think that that’s bad, she actually teaches at a university. And get this: she thinks that Islam is compatible with homosexuality! I promise that if you spare my life, I’ll pay the jizya and supply you with a very long list of names.”

It’s great to know that our cultural betters want to have an open dialogue with Islamic terrorists. I promise to be the first to facilitate that conversation.