Trigger Warning: You Put Your Assumption in My Self Esteem

Lest anyone think that an education at UC Santa Barbara is all fun and parties, the UCSB Microaggressions Facebook page reminds us that the struggle continues. This brave warrior took someone to task over a correct assumption.

UCSB SnowflakeIt’s refreshing to know that literacy no longer takes precedence over social justice in one of the nation’s most prestigious public university systems.

Wednesday Linkfest: Delicious Demon

Jennifer Lawrence American Hustle

In spite of having no original content since Saturday, Blackmailers Don’t Shoot is experiencing its best consistent traffic since the blog started. Behold the power of Jennifer Lawrence and Rule 5. Linkfest!


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For San Fernando Valley peeps: Susan Shelley for CA Assembly District 45

Vault Boy

I’m actually going to be in Nevada for the next two days. Not on Clyven Bundy related stuff. I’m picking up a car. In other words, blogging will be very light this week.

Culture and Stuff

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I’m cutting out early. Happy Hump Day!

Floatopia Retrospective: Rule 5 Linkfest


 Alas, Floatopia 2009 at UC Santa Barbara was such a disaster for sobriety and the beach that it was never allowed to become a full-blown tradition. I remember it well. I was at home in Goleta and read about it in the paper. Linkfest!

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UCSD FloatopiaIn 2010 UC San Diego followed suit and held their own version of Floatopia. The idea is that if participants are floating out in the bay, they can ignore the open container laws. It won’t stop police from busting them for public intoxication, but that’s not my problem.

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Floatopia Fail

UC San Diego’s Floatopia only drew about 700 people in 2010 out of an expected 5000. Compare that to the 2009 UCSB Floatopia, which drew an estimated 12,000 young chowderheads to Isla Vista. Clearly, UCSB is the superior party school.

Everyone have a great weekend!

L.A. Daily News Runs Doom and Gloom Article on Tim Donnelly

The Daily News leans (lists?) center-right, so the prospect of Donnelly winning the gubernatorial primary likely makes them nervous. Well, we ran Meg Whitman. We ran Carly Fiorina. Famed centrist Arnold Schwarzenegger was only slightly less disastrous than Jerry Brown. So who’s afraid of the big bad Tea Party?

Even though no Republican is likely to give Brown a true challenge in a one-on-one battle in November, the new poll suggests the California GOP continues to drift farther from the mainstream and is increasingly losing relevance as the state grows more diverse and more Democratic.

“This is a battle for the soul of the Republican Party,” said Larry Gerston, a political-science professor at San Jose State. “If Donnelly prevails, it indicates that the fiscal conservatives, the evangelical conservatives and the Tea Party conservatives control the party and leave Republicans with little opportunity to succeed in the long run. If [Bush Administration lackey] Kashkari can break through, it would be a sea change, and for the first time in 30 years, the party would show that it has some control of the middle.”

Got that? The Republican Party is no place for “the fiscal conservatives, the evangelical conservatives and the Tea Party conservatives.” You know, the people who vote for Republican candidates.

Short of the proverbial dead woman or live boy, Jerry Brown will be reelected in November. He is, for unknown reasons, very popular. That being said, if you want to get Republican butts out the door on election day, run the guy that people are actually excited about. The base in California isn’t any different from the base in Texas. There just aren’t as many of us.

Personally, I would crawl through broken glass to write in Donnelly’s name on the ballot just to make a statement, and I’m sure plenty of conservatives are of the same opinion. Enthusiasm might not be enough to swing the governor’s race, but it can certainly swing a few down ticket races. With the current Democratic supermajority in the legislature, shouldn’t that be more of a concern?

Shocker: Gathering of Drunk, Half-Naked College Students Ends in Disaster


Reason number 500 why I never lived in Isla Vista. UC Santa Barbara students throw a big Spring Break party every year, always with predictable results.

Dozens of people were hurt and about 100 people were arrested as violence erupted at Deltopia, an unauthorized street party in Isla Vista.

Authorities estimate at least 15,000 people attended the annual party on Saturday. Deltopia draws crowds in the thousands every year, mainly students from UC Santa Barbara and surrounding colleges.

Before the trouble even started, law enforcement had arrested 56 people and issued 49 citations. At least 44 people were taken to the hospital for injuries, including alcohol poisoning.

The party used to be called called Floatopia, so dubbed because the besotted students would get on rafts and float out into the ocean. Police closed the beaches during the party after 2009 when partygoers trashed the beach and 33 were hospitalized. Last year an 18 year old Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student died after falling from a cliff.

More innocent times.

I will say this for the Deltopians, though: there is something refreshingly honest about a good old beer and hormone fueled riot. There was no talk of “transformative justice” as the intrepid Gauchos assaulted cops and firefighters and no complaints of microaggressions from cis-hetero white people. Sure, UCSB has its own ninny contingent, but for the most part Isla Vista residents are content to get drunk and set their couches on fire.

Update: Funny coincidence. Donald Douglas at American Power was writing about this at the same time. Go check out ‘Deltopia’ Riot at UC Santa Barbara’s Isla Vista Community.

Rule 5: Has Jennifer Lawrence Been Abducted by Aliens?

Jennifer Lawrence on FireBlackmailers Don’t Shoot received a tip that Jennifer Lawrence has been kidnapped by extraterrestrials from a small, unknown planet in the Sirius Galaxy. The source, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that Lawrence was replaced with a model of the highly advanced Nexus-6 android. Linkfest!

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Jennifer Lawrence WetSome cynical people might think that our concern for Ms. Lawrence’s wellbeing is simply a cheap exercise in traffic whoring. To those people we say, “Well why should Buzzfeed have all the fun. You wanna take it outside?”

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Jennifer Lawrence Black DressIf you think you see Jennifer Lawrence on the street, do not approach her. The Nexus-6 android is very strong and very clever. Your safety cannot be guaranteed. Check Blackmailers Don’t Shoot daily for updates.

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Stay safe out there friends.

Sunday Linkfest: Jennifer Lawrence Sure Is Cute

Jennifer LawrenceOn more than a few occasions I have considered turning Blackmailers Don’t Shoot into a cross between Maxim and the Weekly World News. I’m going to look stupid for writing this, but apparently Jennifer Lawrence is very popular on Google. I know this because I’ve been receiving as much daily search engine traffic for her as I did when the Marcella Sills story broke. Oh well. Linkfest.


The Other McCain: NRSC Uses Left-Wing Race Attack Against GOP Senate Challenger Chris McDaniel

American Power: Why Firefox Is Blocked — #UninstallFirefox – I don’t normally like this kind of activism, but I just downloaded Opera IYKWIM.

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Lowering the Boom: Weekend Arts Capsule- 3/31/14

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Manhattan Infidel: Was James Franco’s Attempt to Lure an Underage Girl to a Hotel Room Caused by Global Warming? – I think you’ll agree that the title alone is worth a click.

Lee Stranahan: Some Things Brad Pitt Likely Won’t Be Putting In His Steubenville Movie

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Acculturated: The Tragic Life of Alex Chilton

Misfits Politics: Dashy McDashcore and the Government Junk

I’ll try to get the Rule 5 fest up tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of the day.




Rule 5 Thursday with Hayden Panettiere

Hayden PanettiereI was tempted to just keep running with Jennifer Lawrence for the weekly Rule 5 post, but at some point I figured the restraining orders would start coming in and the search engines would get mad. This week Blackmailers Don’t Shoot brings you Hayden Panetierre, who has been in everything from Law and Order to Kingdom Hearts II. The above image is from Popoholic, which has a gallery of Hayden Panetierre in a bikini in Miami.

Here’s Hayden Panetierre’s profile in Maxim.

Ranker has 24 pictures of Hayden Panetierre. The first one is an interesting choice.

Us Weekly has more bikini pictures. Give it a click.

Heavy claims to have the 20 hottest photos of Hayden Panetierre. There’s only one way to find out.

Bonus: FanPop’s Hayden Panetierre fan page.

Follow Hayden Panetierre on Twitter.

Hayden Panetierre TongueUpdate: Thanks to Proof Positive for the linkage.

Job Interview=Microaggression

Tumblr is freaking gold. Here we have the story of Steven (formerly Stephanie, natch,) who writes about the under-reported scourge of “extrovert privilege.” Steven’s friend Tiffany was recently a victim of the microaggression known as a job interview.

Job Interview Microaggression








Colleges have gone from churning out people with useless degrees to churning out useless people. Should anyone be surprised that the rhetoric of Social Justice is being used to excuse complete dysfunction?

Update: Linked by Mike G in a great linkaround.

Politics Linkfest: I Can’t Quit You Baby

In this blog’s short existence, I’ve found that there are three things that get me traffic: attractive female celebrities, pop culture and laughing at spoiled college students (in that ascending order.) Want proof?

TrafficBlog traffic is like a cigarette made out of heroin, and blogger mood disorder is a real thing. Apparently people like posts about whiny Social Justice activists, and who am I to deny my audience? Linkfest!

The Other McCain: Dropped on Her Head Again? Radical Feminist Rants About ‘Intersectionality’

American Power: ‘Trigger Warnings’ Are Antithetical to College Life

The Mad Jewess: Latest, Stupid Feminist Rant: “ALL Men Need To Take Responsibility For Rape” *ALL* – via That Mr G Guy’s Blog.

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Protein Wisdom: If This Isn’t THE Objective Correlative for the Outsized Power of Bureaucracies, I Don’t Know What Is – More people should throw TS Eliot into political arguments.

Happy Hump Day everyone!