LAUSD Embraces Candy Crush and Marxism

Parents with children in Los Angeles Unified School District might be sending their kids into the mandatory eight years of community college functionally illiterate, but at least the kids will also have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and a healthy dose of racial grievance.

Item One

Los Angeles school officials want to give schools more choices in equipping students with new computers, part of an ongoing evolution of the district’s approach to buying and using technology.

Under a new plan, 27 schools that were originally set to receive iPads, made by Apple, now will also have the choice of choosing a less-expensive Chromebook, which uses a Google operating system.

Democrats in action: the last Superintendent was forced to resign because of this boondoggle, so the new Superintendent “fixes” the problem by making the boondoggle a little less expensive. Little Javier will still be signing his name with an X when all of the tablets are finally distributed, but he’ll also be well on the way to a very short attention span and a porn addiction.

Public school isn’t about education; it’s about providing union members with shiny toys that will keep the kids distracted until the kids can be shoved out the back door. The only useful skill that will come out of this is that some kids with an aptitude for programming will figure out how to hack the filters on mobile devices. That might at least have career potential.

Illiteracy on its own is one thing. What’s really needed is the combination of ignorance and irrational anger. Which brings us to…

Item Two

Students in the Los Angeles Unified School District will be required for the first time to take ethnic studies classes as part of an effort to encourage stronger cultural understanding.

The idea, brought forward by Board of Education members Bennett Kayser, George McKenna and Steve Zimmer, is aimed at narrowing the academic gap between minority students and their white and Asian peers by pushing students to achieve through the exploration of different perspectives in literature, history and social justice. More than 90 languages are spoken in the district. [Emphasis added]

After all, if the kids can’t be bothered with math after a night playing Angry Birds, the will surely pay attention to why they should hate the people who are trying to teach them math in the first place. We all know that math is a social construct designed to reinforce white privilege. The upside is that they will know enough about microaggressions to be very successful in college before graduating to the much-coveted barista position.

All of this, of course, is California in a nutshell. The District spends money that it says it doesn’t have, then lobbies for a tax increase that the stupid voters approve. Then, when the increase passes, they demand more money which leads in turn to another tax increase. The unions are wealthy but perpetually aggrieved, and large segments of the urban population remain ignorant and dependent upon Democrats for their freebies.

But hey, California is leading the way, right?


Rolling Stone Confirms My Prejudice

Sometimes I can call ‘em. Here’s a comment I left a month ago at The Other McCain:

Well, it's true

I wonder if the white feminist Brooklyn crowd is channeling their fear of groups of people with whom they are familiar through groups of people with whom they are not familiar. Perhaps those white Southern frat boys are standing in for New York City men of a darker hue.


The Invisible Hand Delivers a Beatdown

It turns out that the same basic laws of economics apply for academics just as much as they apply for fast food workers. If an idiot Republican like me can figure out supply and demand, why is it that the self-styled most brilliant people on the planet can’t figure it out as well?

It is 2011 and I’m sitting in the Palais des Congres in Montreal, watching anthropologists talk about structural inequality.

Of course they’re talking about structural inequality. That’s all that anyone in the Humanities and Social Sciences talks about. Sure, English professors talk about structural inequality in the works of Edmund Spenser and anthropologists talk about structural inequality among members of the O’ny’ongo’go tribe post colonization, but everyone is more or less rehashing Marx, Foucault and Derrida. The only skill that these disciplines are teaching is the ability to shove anything through a Social Justice filter, which creates a totally interchangeable workforce. And these people wonder why jobs are scarce.

My friend is an adjunct. She has a PhD in anthropology and teaches at a university, where she is paid $2100 per course. While she is a professor, she is not a Professor. She is, like  67 per cent of American university faculty, a part-time employee on a contract that may or may not be renewed each semester. She receives no benefits or health care.

There are too many people with PhDs in anthropology and not enough people studying it, so the universities can hire faculty at lower wages. To make matters worse, the universities sold a bright future of stable employment and a cool job in exchange for tens of thousands of dollars in debt. This generation of grad students simply wound up on the dumping end of a Ponzi scheme.

Why is my friend, a smart woman with no money, spending nearly $2000 to attend a conference she cannot afford? She is looking for a way out. In America, academic hiring is rigid and seasonal. Each discipline has a conference, usually held in the fall, where interviews take place. These interviews can be announced days or even hours in advance, so most people book beforehand, often to receive no interviews at all.

Welcome to the job market. You need them more than they need you. For perspective, in order to get the first of two in-person interviews at my current job, I had to go through a phone screening, a personality test and a thinly veiled IQ test. All that aside, I would have laughed at them if they charged me $2000 for the opportunity.

The American Anthropological Association tends to hold its meetings in America’s most expensive cities, although they do have one stipulation: “AAA staff responsible for negotiating and administering annual meeting contracts shall show preference to locales with living wage ordinances.” This rule does not apply, unfortunately, to those in attendance.

Who knew? Left wing professors are a bunch of pious hypocrites.

Academia is vaunted for being a meritocracy.

No it isn’t. It’s about networking and showing up in the right places.

Anthropologists are known for their attentiveness to social inequality, but few have acknowledged the plight of their peers. When I expressed doubt about the job market to one colleague, she advised me, with total seriousness, to “re-evaluate what work means” and to consider “post-work imaginaries”.

Translation: She got hers. Whatever happens to everyone else is just too bad. When confronted directly, bury the questioner in postmodern gobbledygook.

In May 2012, I received my PhD, but I still do not know what to do with it.

Do what a lot of people are doing and find a job in an unrelated field. Trust me, it ain’t that bad and you’ll probably make more money, which beats the hell out of starving to live the dream. Just don’t mention structural inequality during the interview. Business owners don’t like that kind of thing.

I struggle with the closed-off nature of academic work, which I think should be accessible to everyone, but most of all I struggle with the limited opportunities in academia for Americans like me, people for whom education was once a path out of poverty, and not a way into it.

The market spoke. You’re not as valuable as you would have been 50 years ago, and unless thousands of anthropology professors suddenly drop dead tomorrow, that will not likely change. It’s not personal. It’s not a conspiracy. There are simply too many people who want a job with lots of time off from which they cannot be fired.

The first step in recovery is admitting that there’s a problem.


#ShirtGate Rule 5: Chicks in Space!

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Post-Election Day Rule 5

Patriotic Bikini

Fuck yeah!

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Yes, I’m gloating. The lefties on my Facebook feed have been blessedly silent about politics all week. Or they’ve de-friended me. Either way is fine.

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Sure, the Republicans will disappoint us sooner or later. Until then have a great weekend.



Rule 5 Saturday: Katy Perry Turns Thirty

Katy Perry BeachI discovered today that Blackmailers Don’t Shoot is near the top of Google Image searches for Katy Perry. The reason I know this is that there has been a traffic spike in the last few days from people searching for Katy Perry. Well, the big news is that Ms. Perry is turning 30. It’s not a bad age; I rather liked it and wouldn’t mind going back. But enough about me. Here’s the linkfest.

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Katy Perry FishnetsHonestly, I had no idea that Katy Perry was so popular. That’s probably because I haven’t been 30 for a few years now and therefore have no idea of what’s cool. If more people in their 30s had that attitude I daresay it would be an improvement.

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I’m trying people. Until next time, enjoy Saturday.



Rule 5 with Edward Snowden’s Girlfriend

Lindsay Mills ReadingHappy weekend everyone. Edward Snowden’s hot girlfriend Lindsay Mills is reportedly living with him in Moscow. War is not always Hell.

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Enjoy your weekend my friends.

Is Jennifer Lawrence Dating a Washed-Up Rock Star?

Jennifer Lawrence Black SkirtBlackmailers Don’t Shoot has possibly heartbreaking news: the blog’s unofficial girlfriend has reportedly been seen with Coldplay singer Chris Martin. We hope that this is simply a result of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the wake of the recent nude photo leak, but we are not optimistic.

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Jennifer Lawrence SadNote to Chris Martin: Your ex wife is not on your side. Gwyneth Paltrow can pretend that she approves of this relationship, but she’s secretly hoping that you fall on your face. That’s the real reason that she is encouraging you to pursue someone who is younger, hotter and childless.

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Try to enjoy the weekend everyone. I know that this news will make it difficult.

Rule 5 Monday with Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick Red CarpetApologies to my readers. Last week was very busy, and the weekend wasn’t much different. The bad news, as far as this blog is concerned, is that we won’t make all of the Rule 5 link posts this week. The good news is that there will be two links for next week.

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Anna Kendrick ElleThere are no nude pictures of Anna Kendrick, at least thus far. Apparently there are pictures of her smoking, which is a far bigger crime these days.

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Hopefully we’ll be back on schedule after this week’s unexpected delays. I’ve said that a few times, though.

You Also Won’t Find Nude Photos of Kaley Cuoco Here

Kaley Cuoco Bikini SwanNope. I’m not even providing links this time. You all will just have to Google it. I have a headache today. Let’s get this thing going.

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Kaley Cuoco Bikini CaboWant to know something mildly depressing? The link on this blog that people have clicked the most in the last week or so is the Encyclopedia Dramatica page with nude pictures of Zoe Quinn. Have at it weirdos.

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Kaley Cuoco BikiniHere’s the story that inspired this post. Nude photos of Kim Kardashian were also leaked. Hardly a story. You could get those by tweeting Kim a picture of a $5 bill.

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Drop some Rule 5 links in the comments. R rated and under will be accepted.